Vemcount analytics

An intelligent, flexible, fast and user-friendly analytics platform which allows you to control your shops and user access with the least amount of work.

Data generated by sales, wifi-tracking, people counting & queue management gives you a chance to find out more about your customers, their behaviours and with that - their demands and needs.

Big data - Cloud analytics solution

All modern devices supported

A fast and secure private-cloud or hosted solution that provides you with analytics data, whenever you need it

User friendly and highly customizable reports

Create and view your reports online, or with one click enable scheduled reports to be sent to your inbox each morning.

Work with raw data exports in excel or integrate our API into your Business Intelligence system.

Private cloud or Hosted solution

Security and speed are our top priorities. We have cloud servers in 3 different continents (Europe, Asia, America), giving our customers the best possible online experience wherever they are in the world. You can choose to either have Vemcount installed on your private cloud or use our hosted solution.

Hosted solution

  • Lower to zero IT Maintenance/Staff cost
  • No downtime, no reboots
  • Faster report generation
  • Accessibility from different networks
  • No hardware purchases needed
  • And most importantly, help save the environment
  • Monthly fee, pay as you go

Private cloud

  • Greater limit of historical data
  • Closed within the private network
  • No internet connection needed
  • Can still be accessed across different networks
  • Automatic updates
  • Know your budget - one off price

Integrate your current people counting and POS hardware

Replacing your hardware is a big expense which often leads to companies being stuck with their current provider. With Vemcount your old hardware is reborn without the need of a total rollout-replacement. Devices from companies like Axis, Brickstream, Cisco, Cognimatics, Delopt, Hella, Irisys, Nomi & Xovis are already integrated into Vemcount.

Integrate your POS data from any cash register provider, to calculate your KPI's, and automatically export it into your Business Intelligence.

If your device is not mentioned then feel free to contact us and we`ll figure out a way to integrate your own people counting devices.